The Secret To Becoming Well Known For What You Do

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you are aware of the staple that social media has become in business, and in everyday life. If you spend 2 minutes on Instagram you will find someone you’ve never heard of before who has 10k followers and their profile says “public figure”.  I don’t know how much of a public figure they really are, but one thing is for sure. They have 10k followers. How did they get them? 

It was one of two ways. They promoted their butts off, or they purchased an app that allowed them to mass follow people in order to get return followers. They spent countless hours on their phones doing this. Some people have 6 pictures posted, and 10k followers. You know they bought the app. That’s not how you become “well known”. That’s how you get a lot of followers. 

The way you become well known for what you do is promotion. You have to promote on as many communication lines as you can. This is why you see companies on all social media platforms. But it isn’t just social media. It’s billboards, bus ads, community center flyers, flyers on cars, word of mouth marketing to every person you meet etc. Promotion makes people aware that you’re there. To become well known you have to promote constantly. You have to constantly be putting out flyers, sending emails, posting ads, posting videos, putting out commercials etc. 

When you first begin a business endeavor, you technically don’t exist to the public. The way you come out of “non existence” is by making yourself known. At first, because they don’t know you, they won’t pay much attention. You don’t really make an impression in their consciousness. Of course, if you have a totally unique, or unusually impressive product, ability, service, or talent that may not be true. It might pick up right away. But more likely than not, you’ll just be another drop in the marketing bucket. 

In order to get them to pay attention you have to be in their face consistently. Think about any product or person you didn’t pay much attention to in the beginning, but because you kept coming across it, you eventually said “let me take a look at this. What is this?” You can’t tire. You can’t get bored. You have to consistently put out content of some sort. Momentum takes time to build. Be patient. You don’t have to be good, you have to be widespread. Of course, being good is what will keep you in business long term.  

But you don’t need to be good to be well known.  You have to promote consistently while building the number of eyes that are looking at you. You reap what you sow. You will get attention flowing in your direction, guaranteed. But you have to outflow a lot of content for them to pay attention to. Think of how many things you’ve seen, or heard that are “so stupid”, but they have drawn a mass following. You don’t need to be good to be noticed, but you have to be good for people to keep looking after they’ve learned about you. 



1. to help or encourage to exist or flourish; further: to promote world peace.

2. to encourage the sales, acceptance, etc., of (a product), especially through advertising or other publicity.

Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English promoten < Latin prōmōtus, past participle of prōmovēre to move forward, advance. See pro-1, motive

-This is Life in the Leap


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