Responsibility is a Choice 

2017 is here and most of us have set up games for ourselves by setting goals for the coming year. Those goals will require us to take certain actions that will lead us in the direction of their fulfillment.

Along the way, people will ask us for favors, cars will break down, jobs will be lost, kids will get sick, traffic will be crazy, you may not feel your best every day, tv shows will come on, concerts will be held, relationships will end and others will begin. A lot will happen. Through all of that you will still have your goals.

Responsibility is about being able to confront ALL that will transpire, and STILL take the actions necessary to hit your goals.

Responsibility is about knowing your partner has a problem with you working late, and getting in communication with them to explain why you need to work late. Then working out a solution to make it up to them.

It’s about getting up a little earlier to complete the  tasks you “don’t have time for” during regular hours.

It’s about disagreeing with “reality” and committing to your vision of what you want to experience. If someone says no, you don’t take no for an answer. The physical universe could say “no” in the form of bad weather, or an accident, or not enough money in your account.

In order for you to be responsible for your life and your goals, you have to commit to the fulfillment of your wishes no matter how things appear on the surface.

I understand this sounds really easy to say, and it’s true. It is easy to say. It isn’t an easy thing to accept, and it’s certainly not an easy thing to apply. Success isn’t easy. But the more we practice the better we get and the easier it becomes.


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