Developing a Now or Never Motto

I’m 34 years, I remember being 24 like it was yesterday. I remember learning at that age that being financially independent was an actual possibility for me. Before then, I never saw it. I never met anyone who was. At the time, I didn’t have the work ethic necessary to achieve financial independence, but I tried. 

I tried for six years with money as my only “motivation”. The truth was I didn’t care about money or being financially independent. My existentialist issues were too present in my heart to care about such mundane things. I loved the idea that I was different though. 

I loved the idea that I was going for something uncommon. The idea that I was going to be something uncommon. Being normal was death to me. I wanted to stand out among the crowd. I never had a problem being a leader and sticking my neck out. I never feared taking risks and living life in the leap. 

I wanted mental danger and adventure. I wanted out of the safety net. I wanted to freefall, and will my way into an existence worthy of being called Life. But every time I contracted a muscle to leap, a landslide of random things happened to prevent me from leaping. I allowed money, family, ideas, possibilities, questions, doubts and concerns to put a stop to my motion. 

I’m 34 years old. You know what has taken me 10 years to learn about life? It’s NOW or NEVER. This universe doesn’t cater to the weak. It’s designed to destroy us. It is not the supportive friend who says “yes! You can do it!” when we want to change our lives. This universe puts up an ugly fight. 

It may appear friendly at first, but it’s waiting to throw everything it has at you to stop you from changing. The reason why is simple. It’s a law called inertia and it exists in the mental universe as much as the physical. You either push for what you want NOW with EVERYTHING in you, or you NEVER will. 

Forget the fear, it’s all an illusion. You’re not going to die. You’re not going to be homeless. You will lose some things for sure. But those things simply aren’t part of your future. You’re supposed to lose them. Don’t be attached to what doesn’t belong in your vision. The only way to live the dream is to accept death in all its forms. 

– This is Life in the Leap. 


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