Production is the Basis of Morale 

Have you ever noticed that really productive people are usually really energetic, and unproductive people are often “tired and overworked”. Doesn’t that strike you as a contradiction? Shouldn’t the highly productive people be more tired than the unproductive? After all, they are expending more energy than the unproductive. 

The answer is simple. Productive people generally feel better, and more energetic than less productive people because they “make shit happen” on purpose. They have things they need to do, and they’re getting them done. No matter what. 

Getting things done creates value for yourself at home, at work and in society. It shows mental and emotional stability, self-control, and the ability to finish what you start. You may also notice that highly productive people get sick less often. Their immune system is healthy because their morale is high, and positive feelings are conducive to good health and a strong immune system. 

They are more conscious of what they eat because they easily feel the effects that different foods have on their mental and physical energy. They avoid foods that make them feel sluggish and mentally dull. They avoid overeating to prevent the same. Plus the ensuing discomfort and headaches that follow eating too much. 

These are natural habits anyone can fall into once they become productive in life, at home, or at work. By “productive” I mean getting done what you’re supposed to get done. Having a to-do list, and checking the items off within the timeframe allotted. Not procrastinating. If you’re confronted by an obsticle, you take it down. You don’t put up excuses about why you couldn’t do it. 

That last one is really the hallmark of productive people. Because life can be an asshole sometimes. You have to be a bigger asshole by refusing to accept that you won’t get what you want. If you’ve been unproductive, you can put those days behind you, and start “making shit happen” now by following these steps. 

  1. Create and prioritize a to-do list
  2. Complete each item before moving on 
  3. Add new items to the list as they arise
  4. Leave social media for the end of the day
  5. Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today. 
  6. Don’t take “no” for answer
  7. Find solutions. Not problems. 
  8. Eat healthy foods and lighter meals
  9. Read self-help/how-to books
  10. Excercise your decision making muscle 

These are simple steps you can apply right away, and start seeing boosts in your energy level and morale. Checking off items on your do-to list feels great. Knowing you’re getting ahead in life, feels even better! 
-This is Life in the Leap. 


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