My Submission To Write For Sesame Street

I grew up in a household where its members never went passed middle school. One of the members was my uncle who was worse off because he was illiterate. The only job he could get was washing dishes. He’s still washing dishes at 63. I learned the importance of education early on, and as a result I was my family’s first in going to college.

I have 5 children in my family (none of my own). Two of which belong to the same uncle. I’ve gone the extra mile to make sure they get the education they need to be better than their parents. Increasing people’s education means increasing their personal sense of self-worth, and decreasing the potentialities of them becoming criminals.

That’s why I would love to write for children’s educational media. Because it’s an investment in the future of the planet. Someone’s parents will be able to provide more for them because I helped them learn the fundamentals of education. While academic education is one thing. Social education is another.

Something I’ve been dealing with lately is my little cousin making racist jokes because he and his middle school friends think it’s funny. I’ve had to talk to him to explain how it isn’t okay to say those things. If he would have grown up understanding and loving the diversity of people, I don’t think this would be much of an issue. Educational programs are a phenomenal way to expose children to information they may not have access to at home.

They grow a liking for learning period, and we can accustom them to learning about a wide variety of things and people. This could reduce the amount of mental segregation that occurs everyday because it establishes an affinity early on. At least I like to think that. If I can help change the future in that way, even a little bit, then I have a responsibility to do it. Bringing diversity to children’s media naturally brings awareness of the fact that not everyone is like them, and that’s perfectly fine.

I thought about being a teacher once, but it wasn’t the right fit for me. I even turned down an offer. I love writing, and I love children. If I can write, and help kids learn through my writing, then that is a huge win for me. I used to watch Sesame Street when I was kid. I don’t remember much now that I’m 34, but I remember loving it then.

-This is Life in the Leap


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