Leaping is a way of life

Ever since I was old enough to have a reason to worry I’ve chosen to be confident instead. Some said it’s a phenomena experienced by all cesarian birth children. The idea that “everything is always going to be alright” was learned because someone else got us out of a bind at birth. This is clearly nonsense because the attitude is simply named “optimism” and it isn’t reserved for the “special”. 

Since I was used to living with the idea that the situation would be handled, it’s never been difficult for me to make decisions that involved risk. My responsibility has been to remain firm that it will work out, and stay alert to the opportunities for me to ensure it works out. When the opportunity comes  (and it always does) I grab it. 

It’s as if God and I are playing a game and we split the work 50/50. I claim what I want, maybe I tell a couple people and write a few things down. Then God goes “here’s a bone” and I’m like “hell yea! Let’s do this thing!” The bone usually doesn’t even come from the people I told. It comes from another line entirely. Sometimes it does come from the people I told. 

I’m 34 years old and my personal experience has been that when I have stated a claim with certainty and conviction, I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted. I’ve met the people I wanted, I’ve gotten the incomes, the job opportunities, the circumstances, the relocation opportunities and it’s all come as a result of a definite decision. 

After years of filling a box with personal experiences to serve as references for my ability to create what I want, it’s difficult to believe someone else when they tell me I can’t do or achieve something. The physical tries to tell me I can’t also. I never listen. The physical universe is put there by you and I. It’s not a barrier. It’s the illusion of a barrier. It’s not greater than me or “God”. 

-This is Life in the Leap 


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