The Plight of the Artist

Remember being a child? Remember the freedom of imagination? Remember making tents out of blankets and pillows? Remember pretending the floor was a lava pit? Remember playing cops and robbers? Remember playing “let’s pretend” all the time? 

It was fun, freeing, creative, fulfilling, refreshing and motivating. Then, after a few years of parenting and schooling, the imagination shrank and the world became solid and uninteresting. We were ordered to “grow up”, and responsibility became the yardstick of maturity. 

But some people didn’t “grow up”. Some of us retained our childlike imagination and freedom of creative expression. These are the artists. They couldn’t stop transmuting reality into something more significant and worthy. Their natural inclination is to emotionalize their experiences, and express them with exaggeration and vigor. 

Society has grown to secretly admire artists for their courage in remaining childlike while publicly warning against traveling their path. They have named artists “lofty” and “out of touch”, but it’s the artist who sets the pace for the future. They create the vision that science later works at making a reality.

The artist creates the entertainment we enjoy. They give us hope and help us dream. They inspire us and help ignite passions in us that we have long forgotten since “growing up”. 

The artists, my loves. Misunderstood. Misplaced. Generally undervalued. Idolized only when monetized. Do not shun them. Embrace them all. Without them we might not be where we are. 

-This is Life in the Leap 


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