A Short Story About Preparation 

A young woman was taking a dance class in New York City. Every semester the students were given dance choreographies to learn which were a couple levels above their grade so that they could replace one of the other girls in the class should the need arise. 

Because most times no one ever got called to fill in, and the choreographies were above their training level, most of the girls never bothered to learn the routines. But this young woman did learn the routine. She took the time and watched the videos and learned each of the steps to advanced routines the other girls would be performing. 

By the time the show came around one of the advanced girls did get hurt wasn’t able to perform. The teacher looked at the younger class and said “alright we need someone to step in for Stephanie”. All the girls looked around at each other with concern knowing none of them had learned the steps. 

The instructor looked around and said “Kara come on up here”. Kara was the young woman who had learned the steps. Kara stood up silently, got on stage and performed her routine. All the girls watched with their jaws on the floor as Kara performed each step on cue and without fail. 

By the time she was finished, no one said a word. The teacher handed out her critics to the rest of the girls. When she was finished, she called all of the girls’ attention and openly acknowledged Kara’s preparation and cooperation with hesitation and set the same expectation of all the other dancers. 

The moral of this story extends to each and every one of us in life on all fronts. We never know when our time will come, but when it does, we better be ready. 

-This is Life in the Leap


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