Do it for the children 

When I was younger I used to try to change everybody to make them “better people”. I wanted to “show them the light”. I wanted to “help” them see a better way. Much the way religions do. It took me a few years to realize people aren’t very receptive to this. 

It’s only when people are in need that they become open for suggestion. Otherwise you’re like the blind leading the blind. 

The ideal scene for all religions is a one world religion where everyone is on the same page spiritually. This sort of utopia is quite unrealistic for reasons including differing speeds of spiritual and intellectual development. Not just among groups, but among individuals especially. 

It may take many more centuries of spiritual and physical war before arriving at the ideal scene, if at all. Meanwhile, what do we do about crime and immorality? 

How do we get people under control so they aren’t harming themselves and others? How do we reduce drug use? How do we handle the racism, sexism, fascism and every other mental illness? 

Among many potential answers is “we can start with ourselves”. I know that’s an old idea, but it still needs more application. If we each go to work at handling our own emotional and mental issues, it will be that many more people bringing less negativity into the world. 

These small positive changes are what build a better future. Deciding to do things differently from our parents. Disagreeing with the ideas that segregate us, and seeking philosophies that bring us together. It takes work. It takes commitment. It takes understanding that the future is coming inevitably, and our children will live in that future. 

It takes careing about our children’s future.


I’m doing my part. 

-This is Life in the Leap


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