When your sails fall

Sometimes life hits us pretty hard. We want to keep the wind in our sails moving us along smoothly, but once in a while our sails fall and we go adrift. The wind blows for its own sake and depends not upon our preparation or equiptness. It’s up to us to prepared and equipt ourselves for the volatile motions of life. 

When our sails fall, we must go to work immediately at repairing it. Ants have this sort of resilience. When you knock over an ant pile, none of them sit around saying “I’m not building that again”! They immediately go to work at restoring their mound. They don’t blame or complain for a second. 

Thankfully, my recovery time has shortened over the years. It could still be shorter, but I’ll take the win. One thing I’ve learned is it requires exactly what the ants do, ACTION. We have to act. The motions are what produce results. When you stop the motions you stop the results. Keep the motions going. 

This also takes advantage of and applies the law of momentum. If you let your car start rolling down from the top of a hill without pressing the accelerator, it will start slowly, but will build momentum as it rolls and the speed will increase. 

If you stop your car half way down the hill and begin the freefall again, it will be as if you started at the top. Which means you lost the momentum you built already so you will have less force by the time you get to the bottom.  

Taking too much time to recover from a life blow is like stopping your car midway down the hill. Relationships get cold, inspiration dies, energy stagnates. Remember, whatever you don’t use, you lose. Dreams and talents can atrophy just like muscles when we don’t use them. 

Keep your sails up. 

-This is Life in the Leap


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