Be careful who you listen to 

The other day I was out driving and I met a woman who had a psychology degree and became a high school teacher. She was telling me her story about how she arrived at teaching high school. Part of the story included an event when she had a psychology project to do. At the end of the project her teacher told her she would “never be a good psychologist because she talked too much” (she does talk a lot). 

She then went home and told her husband that she didn’t think psychology was for her, and she decide to get her Masters in education. 

Clearly her teacher had no idea how to be a teacher. Perhaps it’s better this lady went into education instead, but how often are people swayed from what they really want to do because someone else gave them a discouraging word. 

It’s cruel to put down peoples dreams, but it’s stupid to listen to those people putting your dreams down. Anything can be learned. Any skill can be acquired. Any bad habit can be broken. It simply takes your desire, and someone else’s interest in helping you.

Be sure to surround yourself with people who support your dreams. Not doing so can mean the difference between loving your life, and settling. She loves her job now, but it wasn’t plan A. If you’re going to settle for plan B, don’t let it be due to someone else’s perception. 

-This is Life in the Leap 


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