When Adversity Strikes

If you’ve been following my blog and my social media posts, you know I’ve been going fairly heavy for over a month putting out content. Last Thursday I put out a video stating my intent to become a well known author and public speaker. 

That following Monday my laptop was taken from a Coffee Bean in Hollywood. I was there meeting with a friend to discuss my promotion on social media. We got up to leave, and I totally forgot I hung my computer bag on my chair’s backrest. 

Seven or eight blocks later, I was about to pull up to my second favorite coffee shop, the Bourgeois Pig just off Bronson and Franklin when I realized I didn’t have my laptop. Normally when something like this happens to me, I’m usually very calm and relaxed as I always expect my item to be exactly where I left it. 

I’ve left my wallet at a McDonald’s, and my Bulova watch at a church in the peu pocket. Both times I had the confidence that my items would be there when I returned, and they were. But this time was different. This time I had a bad feeling. I called Coffee Bean as I drove back there, and the girl checked, but she said the laptop was gone.

When I showed up, I asked around but the people I asked said they didn’t see anything. Not only did I have personal information on that computer, but my literary works were on there too. I even had my vehicle registration in my computer bag! 

Thankfully I still have my old computer which I’ve been using, and I’ve started rewriting the book I was working on. 

It’s been a rough week. Some other things have come up that have drawn my time and attention, making it challenging to get any writing done. 

This too shall pass. I’m pushing through! At least I’ll have some fun this morning recording a video for Buzzfeed. Keep the faith!  

This is Life in the Leap 


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