Success Requires Preparation

The other night I came home, and my gas tank was almost empty. I thought, “I should probably pump gas now so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning”, but I didn’t do it, and I went inside. The following morning I got in my car, and I turned on my Uber app thinking, “damn I didn’t pump gas”. 

I wanted to start driving, and not prolong making money any longer. Before I could decide whether I was going to pump gas, or take the first ride, I got a ride request. I accepted it thinking “watch this be a long ride”. 

I get about 27 mpg on my car, and I estimated I barely had a gallon. When I arrived at the pickup location and the rider got in, I started the trip on the app. A 23 mile ride!! Aahhh!!! 
“I knew it! I was hoping strongly we’d make it!” 

We did. But the risk and the stress was unnecessary and irresponsible. I should have done it the night before like it occurred to me. I’m sure we’ve all had these experiences where we postponed something and it caused an inconvenience later. 

Here’s the thing about life. It always has a “gotcha!” waiting around the corner. It’s almost as if God really was watching, and waiting for the moment to catch us slipping. The traffic light turns green just as you grab your phone to get a text out. You don’t take your coat because you don’t suspect it will be cold, then it is. You don’t back up your data because “it’s not necessary”, then your computer fries (or gets stolen). 

The way to beat these situations is to stay ahead of the game. Being optimistic doesnt mean we can’t be practical. Success requires preparation. When opportunity comes, we can’t say “I wasn’t ready”! That’s unacceptable even to a child. 


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