Time Management 

It’s been just over two weeks since I left my job to pursue my writing career. It’s taken me this long to get acclimated and get a groove going. I had to work out schedules for:

  • Finances
  • Sleeping
  • Driving 
  • Writing  
  • Networking 
  • Marketing 

In the beginning it’s a little like a child “finding its legs” when it’s learning to walk. When you’re on your own to build your future, every minute and decision counts. 

There is no 

  • “I’m tired” 
  • “I have a headache” 
  • “I don’t feel like it” 
  • “I’d rather do something else” 
  • “I’ll do it later”

The pressure is on everyday. There is no break from it. 

Value your time. It’s worth more than anything else.  


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