Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

I share my story with almost everyone these days. Yesterday I was driving a man with his girlfriend to dinner. The man asked me what I did besides Uber, and I told him I was a writer. He asked “what type of writer?” and I replied “self-help”.

He then went on to tell me that he could never “get into self-help books”. He was “more of a fiction guy”. He never directly told me what his beef was with self-help. Other than trying to read a self-help book when he was six years old, and he wasn’t able to understand it. 

He then went on to tell me that I should “look out for” and “avoid” certain “buzz words “such as “passion” and “challenges”.

He said “every self-help author talks about finding your passion and pursuing your passion, and then when challenges come, you have to meet and defeat them”. He seemed to feel a little resentful about this. 

With just this information, I knew three things about this man 

  1. His childhood misunderstandings prevented him from reaching for self-help in the future. 
  2. He has failed purposes in his life that he has not recovered from yet. I know this because of his disagreement with being told to follow his passion and face his challenges. 
  3. He is not in favor of self-help. Why would I take advice from him on how to build my self-help writing career?

People who have an inclination away from a subject, but insist on “advising” you on the subject, should be watched with a side eye. 

The devil never shows you the way to heaven. 

-Real Talk


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