Give your intuition a chance to run your life 

Have you ever considered that your intuition isn’t yours? Have you ever considered that your intuition is you?

As a life unit, you’re comprised of Mind, Body and Spirit. That’s it. When you think of the characteristics of intuition, in which of those categories do you think it best fits?  

The problem is a semantic one. Just like when people say “I lead a spiritual life”. Well, that’s the only type of life you can lead because that’s what you are! You can’t choose between being and not being a spirit. You can only choose what kind of spirit you’re going to be (good or bad). 

I digress. Your “intuition” is right 100% of the time. The problem with following your mind is that it doesn’t perceive life directly. Your intuition perceives directly because it is in direct contact with life. It’s knowledge, and sense of what actually is isn’t buried under mountains of information used to filter the experience. 

Your mind on the other hand, uses all of the data it has consumed over its lifetime (and even before) and uses that data to make sense of your present time experience. It’s like a conservative teacher who despises jumping to conclusions, and has to learn every possible factor involved in a situation prior to making a decision! It’s too slow! 

Intuition is light speed because it comes from source! You! 

Listen, and let it guide you. You will soon be living a very different, but happier existence. 

-Real Talk 


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