4 Tips For Stepping Out of Overwhelm

Life can get mentally noisy sometimes, and the stress can pile on pretty fast. Here are some tips you can use to help you get out of overwhelm. 

  1. Clean your home/work space. I’m willing to bet it’s been neglected. This puts your attention on only one thing, and it opens the space around you for clearer thinking. 
  2. Step away from all your activities and go for a walk. Extrovert and breathe. 
  3. See if you can delegate some of the work 
  4. Make a LIST of all that needs to be done, and prioritize the tasks by urgency. Then focus on taking the first task on the list to a complete DONE before you move on to the next one. Anything new that comes onto your list should go at the end of the list. 

You really don’t need more than that. That should keep you sane. 
-Real Talk 


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