What is a Postulate, and Why Does It Matter?

Did you know a lot of people don’t believe in the “law of attraction”? I have literally heard people say “the law of attraction doesn’t work”. These people have a definite misunderstanding of what the law is.

The law of attraction isn’t something you use (although it can be applied intentionally) it is something that is. Just like any other natural law. The law of attraction is a universal law, and not just limited to people. However, in the context of people, the law of attraction is brought under control by their postulating.

What does postulate mean? (look it up for a full definition)



  1. to ask, demand, or claim.
  2. to claim or assume the existence or truth of, especially as a basis for reasoning or arguing.
  3. to assume without proof, or as self-evident; take for granted.

Postulating is an action. It’s not just thinking, it’s thinking with intention.

Look, three days ago I was brushing my teeth and I thought “damn I really have to schedule a cleaning. I haven’t done one in a while”. Three days later I received a phone call from a dentist I visited a year ago asking me if I wanted to schedule a cleaning!! Too possibly a coincidence because it was a yearly follow-up? Ok, how about this one.

I drive for Uber, and lately the income has dropped. I used to average $15-$20/hr. Lately I’ve  been averaging $12/hr. Also, I didn’t know how much my monthly expenses were because I recently made some lifestyle changes with no financial consideration, and I was in mystery about my income requirement.

Two days ago I finally sat down and figured out I needed to be earning $22/hr just to meet my monthly obligations. That same night I drove for Uber and earned $110 in 5.5 hours. When you average it out that totaled $20/hr!! But wait! I received a $20 tip!! When you add that, and reaverage it, I made $23/hr!!!

Don’t tell me “the law of attraction doesn’t work”

Smarten up.

Get clear. Get definite. Get results.

-Real Talk


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