A Short Story About Focus

I recently put out an article about avoiding distractions. Here’s an example of the type of discipline we need. Especially in this high ADD society. 

I was at the POS counter ordering some food at my favorite coffee shop, Catalina Coffee and Cafe in Redondo Beach CA. The young woman behind the counter was very calm and in the moment. She seemed comfortable with herself and others unlike most clerks I encounter. She had a conservative tone about her. 

In a moment of silence, an older woman approached the counter from my left, placed her sandwhich plate on the counter, and asksed the clerk for a knife to cut her pickle. The young woman behind the counter looked at the older lady and said “absolutely mam, I’ll be with you in just a moment”. 

Admittedly, I was surprised, but impressed. I expected the clerk to help the lady right away like other clerks have done been before. I sensed the older lady was surprised also based on her puzzled vibe. I didn’t even look at her, but I sensed it. The lady said thank you, and walked away. 

I looked at the clerk amazed and intrigued like, “who are you”? She carried my order through with poise and exactitude. Of course, this was great customer service. That’s why I go to Catalina Coffee.  

But that’s also the kind of focus I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter how small something may seem. If you’re in the middle of something, you complete that action before moving on to the next. 

It’s sanity at its finest. 

-Real Talk


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