You Can Do It Too!

I’ve shared my story with a lot people here in Los Angeles. Particularly how I moved from Miami to Cali. The most common response I get from people is “that’s so awesome, I wish I could do something like that”. My reply to that is always an excited “you totally can”! 

The circumstances of your life are nothing more than the products of your decisions. I shared my story with and Englishman yesterday and I told him what people usually say to me. He was able to relate to my story because he went from London to Australia to China and now he’s in L.A.! His reply was and emphatic “of course they can! They just have to set it up”

He went on to tell me about how moving to China was the an excellent decision because he began making $15k/month in advertising and he never thought he’d make that kind of money. He’s a high school drop out! 

Too many people are living fun, exciting and proud lives for others to have an excuse for why they can’t. 

You can do it too!

-Real Talk


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