Barriers were made to be broken 

So you have limitations. So did thousands of others. They didn’t let that stop them. People cook and drive with no hands, they run marathons with no legs! Even Leonardo DiCaprio was mauled by a bear, survived and arrived at his troop’s camp days and miles away in freezing temperatures! 

No one cares about your barriers. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not getting any sympathy. Not even a little bit. Everyone knows amazing things aren’t easy to accomplish. People want to know how many obstacles you overcame, not how many you have to overcome! 

They want success stories, not “reasons” why not. If you ever feel like you can’t, remember this. Someone with way worse circumstances than you pulled themselves out of the muck and rose to greatness. Without barriers we wouldn’t have a marker for greatness. It’s just a test. It’s not an absolute.  

-Real Talk


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