Avoiding Deathly Distractions 

Any executive or entrepreneur can testify that effective time management is a huge part of getting ahead. It’s easy to start the day with clearcut intentions. The tougher part is handling the distractions that arise in the process. 

It’s true that staying focused involves discipline, but sometimes it isn’t a lack of  behavioral discipline that gets in your way. Sometimes it’s a sense of compassion for other people’s needs. That type of distraction requires emotional discipline. 

The biggest distractions I’ve seen happen are:

  • Handling administrative things when you should be doing productive things. 
  • Spending too much time on social media. 
  • Dropping a task you’re in the middle of (leaving it incomplete) because you remembered there was something else you didn’t do. 

Catching yourself when you’re doing any of these, and stopping yourself from continuing to be distracted will begin to create a new pattern of focus for you. Some people ask, “yea but how do you stop? How do you catch yourself?” 

Well now that I’ve brought it to your attention, it shouldn’t be difficult. THINK with this information. It requires self awareness. It requires remaining mentally in present time even when your mind defaults to the above thought patterns, and your hands follow suit. YOU have to stop yourself. 

You’re mind and body are not random uncontrollable objects. 

-Real Talk


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