Forging The Dream

I used to have the “all or nothing” mindset. I had dreams that seemed larger than myself and living in Miami I never saw how I could make them real. Looking back I chuckle at the times I really thought I was going to “go for it”, but it was really an impotent attempt. I had a whole mentality standing in my way. It required me uprooting my life, leaving my familiar surroundings and moving to Los Angeles before I could really internalize the belief that I could actually pursue and accomplish my goals without standing in my own way.

In truth, it required much more than believing in myself. It required a of way of thinking which was less dramatic than “all or nothing”. It relates to “the little things”. The little things are what lead to the big successes. In L.A. almost everyone is an artist one way or another. The city is filled with writers, producers, directors, painters, dancers, graphic designers, make-up artists, hair stylists, actors, singers, you name it. Everyone has a dream of doing something huge with their talents. They are all doing what they love even if it’s part-time. But with every film, commercial, client, painting, song etc. they’re living a miniature version of their ultimate dream. And each of those experience are building up to a grand finale.

Your dreams may be huge, but the steps to them are very small. Take one step at a time, and validate the small successes. There is a difference between probability and possibility, and going for the gold all at once is as much of a gamble as playing the lottery. But plotting your success one step at a time makes it more probable that you will arrive at your dreams, and make a fashionable entrance.


-Real Talk


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