A world of Ideas

It’s no secret that things are moving faster than ever. Technology changes and improves faster than we can keep up. Old beliefs about what’s possible and what our limits are, are being obliterated by advances that were pure fantasy just 10 years ago. Not just technologically but mentally, as well as what we can do with our bodies. Materialists have long believed that the universe is deterministic, and completely predictable based observable data. That the universe is just comprised of physical things, and that’s all there is, just stuff occupying space.

But what’s causing the changes we’re experiencing in technology and consciousness? It isn’t the objects in and of themselves. Those are just byproducts. It’s the ideas in the minds of the people. The ideas. The questions. The dreams. The imagination of the people. They’ve become so accelerated that we’re tripping over them on our way to the next one. This world is one of ideas. Not things. Not even people. IDEAS. IDEAS. They use us. We don’t use them. They seek us. We may stagnate them, may resist them, even reject them. But somewhere, sometime, someone else will receive them, and they won’t reject them. They will follow them through. And they will know what living is.


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