A Note on Sickness

Undoubtedly we’ve all been sick at some time or another. I remember one year I got sick like 4 times. I literally got fed up with being sick, and decided I wouldn’t get sick anymore. You know what? I didn’t get sick for 10 years after that! Hand to my heart. That’s the honest truth. 

Then, the night before I was supposed to attend a spiritual retreat for the weekend, I “randomly” got an upper respiratory infection! I had a high fever and I couldn’t hear very well out both ears. I drove myself to the hospital. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do hospitals, so you can imagine how bad I must have felt. 

After arriving at the retreat that weekend I read a note on the particular ailment I had at the moment. It basically said people who come down with upper respiratory infections “have a hard time taking life in fully”. I don’t know that this is necessarily true, but it was real for me in the moment. I did have a hard time taking life in fully, so I knew what I was there to work on. 

I didn’t get sick again after that for another 3 years. And that time, I quickly realized that I got sick in order to make someone else wrong in life. This idea may seem strange. Just chew on it for a while. 

I’ve had people sneeze near me, and speak in my space when they were sick. I’ve touched things that sick people touched without “sanitizing” it. I’ve shaken their hands, I’ve hugged them. I even had sex with my ex wife when she was sick! (Don’t judge us) I’ve never gotten sick as a result. 

Some people may say “you just have a strong immune system”. No, I have strong convictions. I wouldn’t call four illnesses in one year a strong immune system.  


That’s it. 

-Real Talk


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