“Life Partner” is Not Just a Cute Term

This is one of those ideas that we get so used to living with we become numb to it. If you really think about it, besides sex and having children, the only other purpose two people would have in entering an intimate relationship would sharing. That’s what any partner in any context does. They share the load.  

Perhaps the fundamental principles of relationships have been lost. Who knows? 

This I do know. I know that a partner in life is exactly that. Someone to partner up and share your life with. Not just sharing time, likes and dislikes, but sharing the triumphs and the failures. The fears, the pain, the dreams and most importantly, the love and the laughter. 

A partner in life is there to support us. To grab the baton when we’re tired. To lift us up when we’re down. To love us, and to call us out when we’re screwing up. They aren’t clay models for us to mold. They aren’t there to please us. They aren’t there to relieve of us any responsibility. They are there to help unburden the load a little bit. 
-Real Talk


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