Life Chapters and Life After

There’s no doubt that when a chapter of our life comes to a close, grief is an ensuing emotion. Whether in large or small amounts, we feel it. Whether it’s a job we held, a relationship, a hobby, a residence etc. We grew fond of the people, objects and activities we engaged in. The moment those things are no longer present, a void is left in their place. 

Some people fill that void with drugs and alcohol. Others become hopelessly apathetic and believe the void can never be filled again. 

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “Don’t stand by the water and long for fish; go home and weave a net.”

When a chapter of your life comes to a close, and you’re feeling grief, feel your grief, but prepare to begin “weaving a net”. 

There’s also a Chinese belief that crisis is nothing more than danger + opportunity. Would you say there is danger in losing your job? Would you say there is danger in losing your relationship? Your home? 

But is there also opportunity in losing your job? Your relationship? Your home?

Focusing on the opportunities and weaving your net by writing down exactly what you want now (as well as what you don’t want) will keep you away from drugs, alcohol and apathy. It will get you excited about life and what’s to come. 

As soon as your chapter ends, start writing your next one. 
-Real Talk


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