What’s a King to a God?

Cesar can wave his fist and order his men, but he can’t imprison you. He can slander your name, and burn your possessions, but he’ll never reach you. Not a word, or an atom approaches the divinity of truth, ultimately known as you. 

He can destroy our books, and crush our instruments. It’s fine! They aren’t necessary for knowledge anyway. They can look at us and say we’re nothing more than brains that need to be tamed. Well that’s quite the pot calling the kettle black. 

Live your life! Let the insane grope at their guns in fear. Let the wicked try to break your bonds. You be strong! Be stronger than the Olive and the Redwood standing firm in your space. Your enemy isn’t more than you. When he pushes, you pull. When he falls, help him up. God holds no grudges. We need the dichomoty. 

-Real Talk


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