3:00 am Inspiration 

I’ve always been a night owl. I remember being in my early 20’s living in Miami. I’d be out at one or two in the morning, and the silence that covered my block combined with the yellow street lights always made me feel like I was in the midst of a lucid dream. Everything was possible in that silence. 

The rush of the day was over. I could sense the world sleeping. No one was out but me, and that one random car that would drive by quietly enough to add a soothing element to the night air once the sound settled. Like the ocean wave washing away from the shore after a gentle crash. The world was mine in those moments. 

No expectations. No rules. No responsibilities. No social roles to play. Just me and God. Those moments were therapeutic to me. Necessary for my sanity. A break from the machinery of everyday. In those moments I assessed my efforts and evaluated my purposes. In those moments I dreamed. 

To those lucid moments. 

-Real Talk


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