Confronting Your Mountain

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of situations I’ve created that I haven’t wanted to confront. The mountain of responsibility was too large, the task too daunting. I’m dealing with a mountain right now in fact. You now what?

I put my shoulders up, and I looked at my mountain “square in the face”, and it shrank!!

That’s the quirky thing about life. Our problems are only ginormous as long as we’re not looking directly at them. The moment we look directly at our problem, and see it for what it is, really see it for what it is. We realize our problem is not bigger than us. How can it be bigger? We created it! 

That’s like if God created a thing, and that thing turned on God, and God said “oh no, I can’t handle this thing I created!” 

That’s how silly we look and sound when we won’t confront our mountain. 

Have you ever tried feeding a baby who doesn’t want to eat? He twists and turns, and avoids the spoon. He won’t confront the food! He makes a mess. It gets all over his face. Then you finally get it in his mouth, and all he does is cry. That’s it. He doesn’t die, he doesn’t get hurt. You say “see that wasn’t so bad”. 

Don’t be a baby that won’t eat. 

Confront and conquer your mountain. 

You’ll respect yourself more. Others will too. 

-Real Talk


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