An Important Message to Men in Relationships 

If you love your partner, tell her. 

Don’t hide your feelings behind “I’m a dude”. 

Women can be complicated, I get it, but handling them is NOT AT ALL complicated. Hug her, and tell her you love her. She will forget whatever was upsetting her. If you make a mistake, apologize. Don’t make her look crazy when you know very well that she knows what she’s talking about, and you know what you’re intentions were. 

Support her dreams. Teach her in ways that will make her want to listen. Not in ways that will make her wrong. Know that she is strong in ways you never will be. Accept it. Appreciate it. Honor it. Let her know that she’s important to you. Don’t listen to your single friends. Don’t listen to rap lyrics as a reference for how to treat your woman. Pay attention to how often you do something THOUGHTFUL for her. 

If you find that she’s annoying you, ask yourself why you’re pulling away from her. 

Love her for who she is. If you can’t, then leave her. 

Openly express how great she is to other people. Continue being chivalrous. If you find yourself being jealous, don’t point the finger. Remember the times you’ve given a reason to be jealous, then do something to remind both of you that in present time you two are all there is. 

Ask her how her day was. Help her around the house. Listen to her intently. Don’t try to solve her problems, but guide her to find her own solutions. When it comes to sex, take your time. Let her climax first. Learn her body and what turns her on. Stay away from porn. It degrades both of you. 

Create the woman you want by the way that you treat her. She will respond in kind. Remember she can’t read your mind. Don’t expect her to know things she couldn’t possibly know if you didn’t tell her, and don’t make her wrong by saying “it was obvious”. 

-Real Talk


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