Thinking Rightly 

When I was a sales trainer I would often tell my trainees “don’t think for the customer” because my trainees had the habit of telling me why their customers wouldn’t buy before the trainee ever even tried to sell!

Some folks have a habit of doing this in life. They think they know what someone else is thinking, or will think (negatively), so they make limiting decisions based on that. They don’t acknowledge the thought they’re having is only happening in their own mind. 

Why do some people do this? It doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that the realization is had that any thought which is contrary to obtaining your goal, whether mundane or abnormal, is wrong thinking.  

If there is something you want, your mind needs to be sharpening its thought-blades to make you faster and more creative at hitting your target. You can’t afford anything other than a “yes I can!” attitude. “Maybe” doesn’t win anything. 

There’s an entire body of knowledge dedicated to the mechanics of the human mind and its functions. Get curious. Get ambitious. Get intentional. Or forget your goal. Simple math. 


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