Perception Pitfalls

I used to be one of those people who would introvert easily whenever someone would say or do something that could be interpreted as a snide comment. I would often ask myself if I did something wrong, or said something the wrong way. Should I have done something differently? Etc. 
Over time I figured some things out. 

  1. That’s the behavior of someone with low self-confidence. 
  2. People have bad days, bad attitudes, moments of frustration etc 
  3. Equalizing my perception of myself to match other people’s perception of me is backwards. 

The truth is that life is happening for other people regardless of whether we’re around or not, and usually we’re just a small fraction of someone’s day. It’s our own sense of personal value (you might call it an ego) which makes us think the world revolves around us that gives rise to our defensiveness when we feel mentally or emotionally attacked.  

But the reality is that very often our perception of ourselves is vastly different from other people’s perception of us, and rightly so. 

Every person is a universe. What you perceive to be great work, others may perceive to be mediocre. And what others perceive to be great you may perceive to be mediocre. Remember that. It means nothing more than what it is. 

Know yourself. Then, allowing people their opinions will be easy. 


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