Emotions Have a Time & Place

When it comes to doing what needs to be done, there’s usually something else we would rather be doing, even if that something is nothing. As any student of success will tell you, what usually stops us from doing what needs to be done is how we feel about it. 

Certain tasks can be a drag. Especially if we don’t feel like doing it. But choosing not to do it, and deciding to be comfortable instead, leads to piles and piles of regret over the span of a lifetime. 

How often have you looked back and thought “man I’m so stupid, I shouldn’t have… all I needed to do was…” 

Don’t be that person! The “I wish I would’ve” person. That person doesn’t have much of a life story. That person doesn’t have books written about them, or films made in their honor. 

Emotions have a purpose. Learn what their purpose is. Learn to recognize your emotional patterns and their cues. 

Override the poor habit of following your feelings when they’re leading you away from your goals. 

I won’t pretend this is easy. This is Real Talk. I’m not going to lie to you. But it’s very worth it! The personal power you will develop is the stuff that Kings and Queens are made of. 


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