The Great Reveal

I remember the first time I recognized the law of attraction taking place in someone else’s life. I had seen the film a few times, and after mocking it the first 3 or 4 times I watched it, the message started taking on a different color. 

I began to realize what the message really was, so I began observing the experiences people pulled into themselves as a result of their communication (that’s the only way I could know what they were thinking). 

I was with my family on the way to an aunt’s house. My grandmother was in the car. At one point she said “ah man I forgot to put on deodorant!” She asked around the car if anyone had deodorant. No one did. 

We made it to my aunt’s house in Miami Springs, and after just a few minutes of having arrived and settled in, my aunt walked up to my grandmother and said “here mom I got a few things for you”. Among those things…. a small deodorant! 

I watched from 10 feet behind my grandmother who was sitting in a recliner in the living room. My grandmother’s response was “oh my God what a coincidence! I was just telling them I forgot to put on deodorant today!” 

This may seem like an insignificant coincide in fact. But this experience got me to start paying even more attention to what people said and the experiences that followed. Sometimes it’s fast like that day with my grandmother. Other times it takes days, weeks or months, even years to manifest. 

Soon enough I understood why people got sick, lost jobs, made money, won, failed, were generally happy or generally bitter in life. I saw angry people have a problem with everything, and happy people living simply. I saw the universe in perfect orchestration. 

See for yourself 


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