The Secret 

I’m willing to bet I have picked up and dropped more jobs than anyone you know. I’ve never been worried about losing a job because I’ve never had a problem getting a job. Of course it didn’t start out that way. 

like everyone else I started scared of my boss, afraid to get fired, afraid of being late. As I got older and became more experienced though, I organically started viewing and treating my employers as people, not as employers or superiors. 

I think this shift in perception caused me to stand out amongst my “competition” because I didn’t feel the need to say the right thing. I wasn’t nervous about not getting the job. I wasn’t trying to be liked, and I wouldn’t insult the hiring manager’s intelligence by trying to sound smarter, or more qualified than I actually was. 

I presented myself as calm and professional. I could get the job, or not. Didn’t matter to me. As a result, my job interviews ran very smoothly. 

Here comes the part some people may not believe, but I promise this is 100% Real Talk! 

I became so confident at my ability to get the jobs I wanted, that I would look for open positions until I found the one I wanted. Then, I would decide that was the job I was getting, and I’d send my resume. Then, I would close my laptop and go about my day. I would not send out more resumes (sending out more resumes meant I was admitting I might not get the job I decided on). Ballsy right? I would wait a few days for the phone to ring. And when it did…

“Sure, I can come in for an interview”

I got the job 95% of the time. I’m not embellishing even a little bit! 

Oh and when I would show up to the interview, sometimes there were other “candidates” there. 

Not once did I think “they might get the job instead of me”. 

In fact, I thought “it must suck not to have the advantage I have”. I never thought I would lose. 


  • Be yourself 
  • Know your worth
  • Know what you want 
  • Decide you’re getting it
  • Don’t nullify the power of your decision with counter-intentional actions 

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