Just Stop Trying 

Here’s the deal. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is in love with their opinion. In fact they love their opinion so much, they marry it. They make a home with it. Their present and future is solidified by the security their opinion provides. Knowing no other opinion can come between them and their opinion fills their heart with joy and their mind with comfort. 

Eventually their opinions give birth to new opinions of a similar nature and the bond is fortified. Sometimes their opinion abuses them by robbing them of freedom, truth and personal growth, but they never realize the harm it’s doing them. They tell their friends and family they’re happy when in truth they’re miserable. 

Sometimes their friends and family try to “help” by intervening and telling them their opinion is no good, but their commitment to their opinion is too strong and they resent being told they’re wrong. Their opinion becomes more valuable to them now because someone wants to take it from them. 

Stop trying to change people’s opinions. Learn to confront them without flinching. It will save you heart palpitations and high blood pressure.  


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