Determine Your Non-Negotiables 

My girlfriend is an actor/dancer. Besides having a part-time job, she makes her money through acting and dancing. Sometimes the acting jobs she books come with residual paychecks as part of the compensation deal. From time to time she will ask me what I think she should do with the money from one of those checks. 

My initial response to her is always “what are you thinking of doing with it?”. By the time she’s finished talking, she’s usually narrowed it down to two options. Then I listen for which one of those two options is actually an investment in herself and her future, and that’s the one I recommend. 

In life, some things are non-negotiable. 

Figure out what those non-negotiables are for you and commit to them. Life is way simpler that way. Less confusion. More authenticity. 

Examples of non-negotiables: 

  • Health over gluttony 
  • Balance over excess 
  • Investment over waste 
  • Integrity over money 
  • Family over work 

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