The Responsibility Chain



Lets say you work in a large corporation. In such an organization we have lots of employees from upper management all the way down to file clerks and janitors.

Lets look at the responsibility level of each sector.

Upper Management

These guys are in charge of making sure the company is moving forward by strategizing and planning, reviewing statistics, analyzing trends, making decisions and issuing directives based on those trends and statistics. Their sphere of responsibility is spans the entire organization because their leadership will determine the fate of the group.

Middle Management

Their in charge of understanding and carrying out the directives issued by upper management while keeping their respective areas (branch, field team, etc.) running smoothly. Their sphere of responsibility spans the breadth of their territory (office, city, state, county etc.)

Lower Management

These are your floor managers, team leaders, assistant managers etc. They’re responsible for yet a smaller territory (dept., division, group etc.). Their responsibility spans the breadth of a section of an office.

Non-management staff

And then there is everyone else. The Accounting dept., the purchasing dept., marketing, sales, customer service, IT, reception, admin etc. These guys are just responsible for themselves and what they produce. Their sphere of responsibility spans the breadth of their arms reach.

The Phenomena

I’ve worked at more companies than I can count (literally). I’ve been through big firms and small businesses. I realized that there is, among a shocking number of non-management employees (and some lower level management too), an attitude of irresponsibility for their role in the company. Their communication expresses disassociation and apathy for their work. They lie about being sick to get days off. They slack on the job. They make mistakes and blame other people for it. They make a theatrical drama out of their disagreements with company policy, yet they never take progressive action. They continue showing up to work because they need money, not because of job satisfaction. I totally understand. I was one of them at the beginning of my journey, but its a disturbing energy.

But as I went through more and more companies I began to notice this pattern. Then I went into business for myself, and I saw the scene from upper management’s eyes. Talk about a paradigm shift. RESPONSIBILITY.

The truth is, every individual in an organization bears the same degree of responsibility as upper management. Not just in the context of work ethic, but in the context of their role. In other words, it’s like a game of Jinga. With all the blocks in place, the structure holds. The moment you pull one out, the structure begins to weaken. As you continue eliminating blocks, your building becomes more and more frail until it all comes tumbling down. Everyone matters. Everyone is important.

If you know someone who fits the description above, encourage and help them find a job or career they’ll be happy in. They aren’t serving anyone by staying where they are.



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