Attitude & Results 

When you look at a person, you see their body. You never see their mind, or the spirit that they actually are. You only see the bodysuit that they, as a spirit, are wearing. When we look at ourselves, we see the same thing, just a body. Yet we experience thoughts and emotions which are clearly transcendent of a body, and so we feel more important than a body, yet we often still perceive our relationship to the physical universe to be one of cold materialistic accidents. 

This idea that we are just a body limits our understanding of ourselves and prevents us from perceiving the patterns we create as spiritual beings with thought, emotion and intention. 

A body is run by a spirit. A spirit has a mind and body. A spirit is not a body or a mind. Both of these things are of use to a spirit living in a physical universe. The spirit is senior to the mind and the body. This is important to remember because every spirit, including you and I has a general attitude about life. That general attitude is our main suspect in the case of our quality of life. 

A general attitude can be:

  • Angry
  • Pescimistic 
  • Happy
  • Content
  • Apathetic
  • Anarchistic
  • Conservative

To name just a few from a very long list of potentials. 

Our attitude gives off the vibe that other people respond and react to. Believe it or not our attitude back the experience we have with the physical universe. For example when we are angry nothing seems to be OK. everything goes wrong. When we are happy nothing seems to be a problem. 

It’s not that the world is different in that moment. It’s that we are different and the effects we are creating our relative to our attitude in that moment 

Our attitude determines our body shape, our body’s health, the quality of our relationships, whether we enjoy life or not, how often we get sick, the type of circumstances we attract into our lives, the type of people we attract, the problems we have etc. 

Have you ever noticed a friend or family member who always has the same type of problem? Life is full of patterns for each of us because we all have unresolved issues in our history. These unresolved issues stay with us for reasons that don’t pertain to the subject of this article, so I won’t get into that. 

The real power is in becoming aware of the patterns in our lives then finding the underlying attitude (thoughts, decisions, feelings) that is responsible for those patterns and going to work at changing that attitude for improved performance and results. 


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