Are you in transition careerwise? Do you need help preparing to “nail” your next big job interview? Are you ready to move from employee to entrepreneur? Are you looking to make large, or small changes in your life? 

If so, Life in the Leap may be the right fit for you. With over 10 years experience in sales, recruitment, personal development, and leadership training. Life in the Leap brings young professionals and entrepreneurs the best, and the latest in business, and human technology. Among other things, Life in the Leap (LITL) speaks to the idea of bridging the gap between entrepreneurialism and being an employee. 

Their is a place for everyone in the economic landscape of America. Sometimes  finding our place requires a little adjustment in thinking and perspective. One seemingly minor shift in mindset could make a world of difference in results. Among the subjects covered in LITL are: 

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal development
  • Leadership Training  
  • Strategic Planning (including marketing) 
  • Money
  • And more

By working with LITL you will gain a competitive edge in the marketplace of employment and entrepreneurship. You will also experience positive changes in your personal life through improved relationships and increased self-confidence.  

For more information about what Life in the Leap can do for you, send Kramer a message via the contact form above, and he will schedule a phone consultation to discuss your needs and wants. 


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